My name is Mike, and I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Today I work as a marketing expert at a leading international company in the Bay Area. I have seen first hand just what online social media can do for careers, young and old alike. One of the best ways to get out there as a professional is to create a profile on LinkedIn.

My name is Monika and I was born in Switzerland. Many international companies have headquarters here, and like many of them, the one I work at uses English as its business language. The thought of conducting a meeting in business English was daunting at first and my first experience was a complete disaster.

My name is Giovanni, and I grew up in southern Italy. For the past six years I have happily worked at an international construction firm. Part of my job involves daily email correspondence with clients, mostly in English - not a problem for me now. But when I first started, I often had the impression that people weren't reading or couldn't understand my emails.

My name is Julia. For the last year I have been working in the HR department of a large German company. Every day I receive numerous resumes in English from international applicants. Often I discard what could be a suitable candidate for one simple fact: their resume was not up to par. Having just gone through the application process myself a little more than a year ago, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to present yourself on paper.